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I'd say that on an average day I am like a 6 slash 7 with regards to my health. But I want to be an 8 or maybe even a 9 and is it too much to hope that at some point I could reach the much lauded 10? Well, I think with Tiny Moreso's help I am on my way. The problem with health is that it's typically less fun than vice. But Tiny Moreso's has a trick, when drinking down one of their fabulous elixirs or consuming there version of millennial toast your brain tells itself "self, you've caved into vice once again, no way are you going to reach 8 today." However hidden behind the canard of vice is a wealth of health. Easily enough to elevate your overall daily health total by 2 points. If you're like me and you need those two points. Head to Tiny Moreso and beguile yourself into health.

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