Drinks, Treats, & Snacks from Plants

get cozy and treat yourself...

After eight fun years of making cheesecake in the basement of the Ford Building, Rawdacious was ready to level up, in every way.  Introducing Tiny Moreso, a little whole food cafe tucked into the cool as cucumbers Cully neighborhood.  We're a dedicated gluten-free space and with the exception of a few touches of honey and the optional egg on your bowl or salad, we're vegan as well.  Paleo and keto dieters will find plenty to enjoy here as well.

The cafe features a beautifully stocked dessert case with lots of Rawdacious Slices and Minis as well as a whole new menu of plant based treats, snacks, salads, smoothies and more. 

We continue to evolve as the year progresses, the weather changes, and we settle into our new reality - which doubles as HQ for Rawdacious cheesecake production.  


At Tiny Moreso, we are kept up nights over the reliance on single-use, non-recyclable plastics in food service culture. Thank you for joining our efforts by bringing your own jar or reusing one of ours for your lovingly crafted to-go juices and smoothies. ❤ -™